Teleplan is After-Market service provider for Toshiba


Toshiba has selected Teleplan to provide end-to-end after-market services to their Storage Products Business Unit.

With this agreement, Toshiba is further expanding its business relationship with Teleplan who has been a strategic partner of Toshiba’s for more than ten years. “Our extensive knowledge and expertise with Hard Disk Drives and end-to-end after-market services will primarily support Toshiba to maximize the turns of their inventory while maximizing the economic value of the product through its lifecycle. We are confident this will positively impact their profitability and also create green environmental benefits,” commented Teleplan’s Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Patrick Ring. The service solution encompasses testing, screening, field and depot repair, data analysis and business intelligence as well as asset recovery including recycle, liquidation and secure data destruction services.

The European Commission has announced plans for new “right to repair” rules that it hopes will cover phones, tablets, and laptops by 2021. If successful, these rules will mean these devices should remain useful for longer before needing to be recycled or ending up in landfills. The plans were introduced as part of a wide-ranging set of product initiatives that also cover textiles, plastics, packaging, and food with the aim of helping the trading bloc become climate neutral by 2050.

As well as introducing new “right to repair” rules, the EU also wants products to be more sustainably designed in the first place. Under the new plan, products should be more durable, reusable, upgradeable, and constructed out of more recycled materials. The EU’s hope is to reward manufacturers that achieve these goals. Finally, the EU is also considering introducing a new scheme to let consumers more easily sell or return old phones, tablets, and chargers.